Have Your Gas Heater Serviced Before Winter

Enduro ConvectorYour gas heater is a godsend in the cold winter months, however it has been resting all summer and into autumn and proper maintenance and professional servicing will not only make it more efficient and extend its life expectancy, it will ensure your family is safe this winter. The minimum recommended time between services is 2 years and this task needs to be completed by a licensed professional; a local gas fitting expert like Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas.

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas can safely and efficiently service your gas heaters this autumn to get them in perfect working order for winter. Hazards and faults that may not be able to be seen by someone other than a trained professional can be dangerous and lead to bigger problems if not repaired quickly.

There are some steps you can take before the gas fitters arrive to help with the process, including:

  • Report Any Strange Smells
  • Check Fan, Gas Fittings and Filters
  • Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Report Any Strange Smells

Can you smell burning when you run your heater? Or maybe even gas when you turn it on? If you suspect a gas leak, turn off your heater immediately and call your licensed gas fitter. If you smell only a burning odour, this is more than likely dead bugs and dust accumulated in the heater itself. This build-up can overheat and burn, causing dusty smells and other issues.

Check Fan, Gas Fittings and Filters

granada fullIf you can hear rattling or can smell the fore-mentioned burning smells, check your air filters, air ways, fans and burners for build-up of dust and dead bugs which can cause blockages and obstructions. Over time, these can cause burner problems and production of carbon monoxide; a deadly gas when accumulated in small spaces.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Make sure the ventilation openings of your heater are not blocked and that there is sufficient ventilation in the room you are heating. It may be nice to keep warmth in a small room, but the lack of air circulating can cause problems if your heater is older or does not carry fumes out through a flue.

Who Can Service My Gas Heater for Me Before Winter?

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas are your reliable, professional choice when it comes to all areas of gas fitting, as well as plumbing and hot water. Call the team today on 9759 1317 to arrange your service before the nights and mornings get cold and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your heater is safe and efficient for your family.

Photo courtesy of Rinnai