How Can I Improve My Water Pressure in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River?

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If you turn on the taps or shower and are greeted with low water pressure, there is a good chance you have a plumbing problem. There are many culprits when it comes to the cause of low water pressure.

Read on to learn three common causes of low water pressure and how a professional plumber can repair these to improve your water pressure including:

  • Debris in Water Pipes
  • Leaking Water Pipes
  • Corrosion

Debris in Water Pipes

A build-up of dirt, sand and debris in water pipes can impact your water pressure. It only takes a small amount of sediment to cause a blockage. If debris in water pipes is the cause of your low water pressure, a professional plumber has the correct tools and equipment to manoeuvre deep down into pipes to inspect and clear blockages. Once cleared, as water can once again flow freely through pipes, you can see an improvement in water pressure.

Leaking Water Pipes

Low water pressure combined with a spike in your water bill is a good indicator you have one or several leaking water pipes. There may be obvious signs of a leaking water pipe such as the sound of water running although all taps are turned off or water pooling in an area inside or outside your home.  However, many leaking pipes are difficult to detect. A professional plumber has specialised leak detection equipment that can identify water leaks below the ground or concealed within the walls or roof of your home. Having leaking water pipes repaired will save water, save you money and can increase your water pressure again.

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Over time, corrosion naturally occurs in water pipes. As corrosion continues to build up, it can impact your water pressure. Plumbing piping is durable and built to last with most homes getting 20 years or more out of their pipes. Depending on the extent of the corrosion it may be able to be repaired however replacing your water pipes may be the best option.  

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