How to Avoid Hair Blocking Your Bathroom Drains


Our bathroom drains become home to hair in many ways. When washing your hair, its normal to lose strands of hair which end up pooling in the shower drain. The bathroom vanity is a popular place to style your hair, meaning lose strands fall into the bathroom sink, eventually being washed down the drain. When hair makes its way down your bathrooms drains it gets stuck on other deposits, resulting in a blockage. Like a snowball effect, deposits continue to build increasing the size of the blockage.

How can you avoid hair blocking your bathroom drains? Read on to learn a few ways including:

  • Strainers
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Correct Tools and Equipment


While it’s nearly impossible to prevent some loose strands of hair being washed down your bathroom drains, prevention is best. A simple and cost-effective way to help collect hair from drains is by using strainers. These can be easily fitted into your plug holes and removed, cleared and replaced in next to no time. Strainers are available to buy from most supermarket and hardware stores. Be sure to measure the size of your plug hole to ensure a good fit.  

Regular Cleaning

Blocked drainage

A good daily habit to form is giving your shower and bathroom sink a wipe over. Yes, we are all busy however this will take just a few short minutes and will help to reduce the risk of hair blocking your drain. If you style your hair over the basin, placing a hand towel over the basin to collect any loose strands of hair will help too. Any loose strands of hair that have accumulated on the towel can then be simply brushed into a bin.

Up to Date Tools and Equipment

While there are some home remedies that may help to clear hair from a drain, if your bathroom drains are blocked it is time to call the team of professionals at Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas Dunsborough/Busselton. The Mainline team pride themselves on having the most up to date advances in tools and equipment and have the expertise and experience to ensure a blocked drain is fully cleared properly. Special detection equipment allows them to identify where in the pipe the blockage is and manoeuvre deep down into pipes.

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