Is High Water Pressure a Plumbing Problem?

High Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a frustrating and common cause for concern for tenants and homeowners, but did you know high water pressure should also not be ignored? If not inspected and repaired, high water pressure can lead to water pipes bursting.

A change of water pressure in Bunbury and the South West can be caused by several reasons. Be sure to check if any water outages or works are happening in your area as they could potentially affect your water pressure.

Read on to learn 3 signs of high water pressure in your home including:

  • Noisy pipes after turning taps off
  • Hot Water Issues
  • Excessive Water Bills

Noisy pipes after turning taps off

If the water in your pipes is already high, pipes will have to adjust to this high pressure after taps are turned off.  If you notice loud noises that resemble banging or clanging when turning off taps in your home, it can mean your water pressure is too high.

Hot Water Issues

Hot Water unit installed by Mainline

Hot water issues can be caused by several plumbing issues, but did you know high water pressure can cause hot water issues? If your hot water doesn’t stay hot for the length of your shower, it could indicate your hot water system can’t keep up with heating the high flow of cold water entering the system. This puts extra demand on your hot water system and can cause premature wear and tear.

Excessive Water Bills

If your water bills are higher than normal and you’re not using more water, high water pressure could be to blame. When turning on a tap to wash your hands, water the garden or when flushing the toilet, more water is being used without you even realising it. It’s important to have excessive water bills investigated to rule out a plumbing problem to save precious water and save you money.

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