Plumbing Tips for Your Home in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River

Emergency burst water pipe

Our homes plumbing has a vital role to play. We see our homes taps, drains, hot water system and toilets functioning each day and often take for granted the convenience of having them in good working order.

When it comes to plumbing repairs in your home, it is a job best left to professionals with the qualifications, skills, experience, tools and knowledge to repair your plumbing safely and properly. However, there are things we can all do to ensure our homes plumbing is functioning to the best of its ability.

Read on to learn 5 plumbing tips for your home including: 

  • Listen out for the sound of running water
  • Avoid using flushable wipes
  • Replace washers regularly
  • Assess your hot water needs
  • Use strainers in drains

Listen out for the sound of running water

The sound of water running, when no taps are turned on, can indicate a leaking or burst water pipe. This is usually more noticeable in kitchens and bathroom where there is several plumbing fixtures, fittings and appliances. The sooner you call a plumber to inspect and repair a water leak, the more water (and money) you will save.

Avoid using flushable wipes

Blocked toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems. It is important to ensure only toilet paper is flushed down toilets. Flushable wipes, paper towels and serviettes are not made to break down, how toilet paper does, and are all common culprits in causing a toilet to block.

Replace Washers Regularly

Worn washers in taps can lead to water leaks which waste water and money. Good quality washers are important, especially in outdoor taps to avoid cracks in cold weather.

Assess your Hot Water Needs

hot water system maintenance

If your hot water system is more than 15 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Choose a hot water system suited to your household needs to save energy and money. Your homes dynamics may have changed from a family of 4 to empty nesters, therefore a large unit is no longer.

Use strainers in drains

A common culprit when it comes to blocked drains is hair, soaps and food scraps. Ensure all drains in your home have strainers to avoid this debris easily washing down basins and sinks and blocking pipes.

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