What’s Wrong with My Taps?

Call a plumber for plumbing issues

Loud, dripping taps that never stop can drive people crazy. You hate it, your guests hate it… your dog probably hates it too! No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night just because your roommate needed to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Have you ever had a tap that just won’t stop banging, rattling and vibrating?

Thankfully – for you, and for everyone else – noisy taps are easy to get fixed if you contact a professional and let them handle it. Remember, trying to fix something that you are not qualified for can cause even more problems and even horrific damage. Loud taps can have many causes, such as:

  • Mineral Deposits
  • Faulty Washers
  • Wrong Sizing in Taps or Pipes
  • High Water Pressure
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Plumbing Design Faults
  • Scale Buildups

What Causes Dripping Taps?

Remember to check your water meter when no water is being used. This is so you can see if it is still ticking over. If it is, this troublesome leak will be either through your water pipes or from your tap washers. This can be easily fixed, thankfully. However, if there is a leaking pipe in your system you will need to search for damp patches in two places:

  • Your Garden
  • Your Lawn

These damp patches can be a little harder to find. Do you know how much money your dripping tap could be costing you? A single leaking tap can cost you thousands of litres of water – just going straight down the drain. It’s an enormous waste and an expensive one at that.

Parts That Need Changing

A tap aerator is the tiny little net you see on the end of your taps. They are used to catch any mineral deposits that might end up in your water – because no one wants to be drinking that! An easy way to check if it is your aerator is to unscrew it from the spout and then turn on the tap to see what happens. If it is the aerator, now you can buy a replacement from your local plumbing experts.

Dripping Taps

Another part that might need changing is the washer. To properly check if the washer is the problem in your noisy or dripping tap, you will need to turn off your water supply and dismantle the tap. This is a little more involved, so you may want to contact an expert like the people at Mainline Plumbing Bunbury.

Prevention Over Damage Control

If your taps haven’t started becoming obnoxiously loud or dripping everywhere – great! But they can start at any moment, and all your plumbing issues can be avoided by utilising an expert plumbing service for regular maintenance on your pipes and taps. This way, you don’t need to wait until your noisy taps are bothering everyone to get something done.

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