Why are My Water Pipes Making Loud Noises?

Burst Pipe

Are you greeted with a loud rumble or bang each time someone turns on a tap in your home or workplace? When in good working order, water pipes aren’t meant to be noisy therefore if yours are causing you to want to block your ears each time you turn on a tap, there is good reason to believe you have a plumbing problem. While there are many reasons for water pipes making loud noises, if not inspected and repaired regularly, they can cause angst for homeowners with the possibility of costly repairs. Did you know, they can even be the cause of the supply of water to your home stopping all together?

Wondering what causes water pipes to make loud noises? Read on to learn 3 common plumbing issues that can be the cause including: 

  • Blocked Drains
  • Damaged Pipes
  • Worn Washers

Blocked Drains

If you can hear a prominent gurgling sound when turning on a tap, it is a good indicator your drains may be blocked. Items that can cause a drain to block include food scraps, cooking oils and hair. Any foreign matter that makes its way down a drain continues to build up until eventually causing a blockage.

Damaged Pipes

Burst Pipe

Beneath the visible surfaces of our home are metres and metres of plumbing pipes. All these pipes work, day in and day out, to ensure our homes plumbing functions correctly. Wear and tear over time can cause damage to plumbing pipes including small cracks, holes or piping to become loose. As a result, loud noises can be heard as water flows through. 

Worn Washers

Broken or worn washers in taps can cause loud noises therefore a good plumbing practice to get into is regularly checking all your taps washers for signs of wear and tear. Although tap washers can last a long time, generally they should be replaced every three to five years.

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