Why Do Pipes Burst?

Burst water pipe fix

There are many reasons why pipes can burst. If your pipework does burst this can cause a small leak that may be undetected through to major flooding. Burst pipes are a common problem in the plumbing and often result in the need for emergency assistance by an experienced plumber to come to the rescue.

Calling a plumber as soon as you notice a burst pipe will often help to reduce the problem both in the costs of repair and loss of water. If you find you have a burst pipe at your premise the first thing to action would be to switch off the water at the mains and call in a professional plumber arrive.

Potential Reasons for Pipes Bursting

  • Moving Pipes
  • Water Pressure
  • Corrosion
  • Tree Roots

Moving Pipes

Pipe repair

A common cause of burst pipes is external work or moving of pipes. This is mainly due to pipes not being secured in wall cavities causing pipes to move around. As water is turned on and off you might hear clanging noises due to the sudden stopping and starting of the water flow, the action will eventually cause a weakness at joints then the pressurised water needs to escape. Remember all plumbing in Australia requires you to contract a licensed plumber.

Water Pressure

Too much water pressure can result in the bursting of pipes and other plumbing fixtures. A professional plumber can test the pressure in the pipes and if pressure is too high a reducing valve can be fitted to adjust it.


A combination of iron oxide and other mineral deposits can buildup over time and gradually narrowing the inside of the pipes not allowing any water escape through.

Tree Roots

Australia really is a sun burnt country and many tree go thirty’ so the over years trees have adapted to seeking out any form of moisture they can find; this is great for trees but not so great for plumbing pipes. Tree roots can congest your pipes preventing water flow or in extreme cases causing your pipes to burst.

Do You Have a Pipe Problem?

If you have a burst pipe – call a plumber immediately.

If you think you may have a problem or would like your pipes to be pressure tested, contact the trusted name in plumbing, Mainline Plumbing Cheap Hot Water and Gas at Dunsborough on 9759 1317.