Why Does my Tap Water Taste Funny in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River?

Safer water

Fresh and clean drinking water is a necessity many of us take for granted. While we are fortunate to enjoy free flowing drinking water from the taps in our home or workplace, if you notice your water tastes, looks, or smells funny it may be time to consider an under-sink filtration system. There are many reasons why tap water may have a distinct smell and/or taste that makes it undrinkable and unsuitable for use including sediment build up, rusty or dirty pipes or even contaminated water supply.

Installing an under-sink filtration system ensures the water coming from the taps in your home or workplace is cleaner and safer. Read on to learn a few benefits of installing a water filtration system including:

  • Eliminate Dirt and Chemicals
  • Avoid Damage to Appliances
  • Save Money

Eliminate Dirt and Chemicals

An under-sink filtration system eliminates chemicals and dirt from the water you drink, cook with and bathe in. Environmental toxins can be unavoidable in some circumstances, but you can take steps to eliminate them from your household tap water with an under-sink filtration system. If the water in your area is particularly ‘hard’, a filtration system can lessen the significant taste by removing the chemicals before it hits your showers, sinks and drinking glasses. It also can protect your tap fittings by removing the sediment and chemicals that can cause damage.

Avoid Damage to Appliances

Below bench filtration system

Water that is heavy with chemicals can cause significant erosion and decay to appliances and leave sediment that builds up and causes significant damage to kettles and irons. Using filtered water from an installed filtration system will remove this risk and ensure you get longer life from these appliances.

Save Money

Installing an under-sink filtration system saves you money by removing the need to purchase filtered water. Purchasing filtered water for drinking and household use can be expensive and time consuming, as well as the environmental impact using plastic bottles for storage. Investing in a filtration system will ensure you can use the water you pay for to its full potential, adds an eco-friendly feature to your home and can even add value to your home.

Who Can Supply and Install a Water Filtration System in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River?

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas Dunsborough/Busselton are your local experts in all areas of plumbing and can assist by supplying and installing a filtration system to your existing water pipes.

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