Why Is My Water Pressure at Home Low?

Woman fixing kitchen sinkWater is a precious resource in our everyday living and we realise how much we rely on it when we either don’t have it or there is a short supply.

When water pressure is low it affects the way we wash our dishes, laundry, showering, bathing, watering gardens not to mention the time waiting for the flow.

So, when pressure is low check a few things at your home first and if all looks fine from your end you could then contact your water corporation to see if there are works in the area.

What to Check When Your Pressure Is Low

  • Iron Pipes
  • Showers and Baths
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Valves and Pipes

Galvanised Iron Pipes

Galvanised Iron Pipes found in older style homes can become corroded on the inside of the pipe work which constricts the flow of water going through the way it should properly. This can be found in angle valves under sinks, showers and baths. The situation can be sorted by switching off water supply and cleaning the pipes out.

Showers and Baths

ShowerIf the flow is not running as it should in Showers and Baths, pipe work could be behind walls to access to get to remove the valve and clean the piping and repatch the wall. If the problem is with showers, before cutting through wall spaces, check shower heads for calcium build up, remove the head and check for any blockages and flush as necessary.

Pressure Regulator

Found at the front house of your home, shaped like a bell, they are pre-set by the manufacturers, so they often don’t need to be reset but can breakdown causing the flow of pressure to change. Contact your plumber and a new regulator can be fitted.

Valves and Pipes

Located at the water meter box, there is a “Home” and “Customer” Valve and sometimes this can be switched off, so check this area is all functioning correctly and that no pipes are leaking.

Do You Need A Professional Plumber?

When it comes to service that is reliable, professional with a trusted name in the industry 24/7 contact the team at Mainline Plumbing Cheap Hot water and Gas at Busselton / Dunsborough on 9759 1317.