Why is Water Pooling in my Bathroom Basin?

bathroom basin

If you notice water is pooling and no longer freely flowing down your bathroom basin, a blockage is the likely culprit. Many homeowners are surprised to discover they have a blocked drain from their bathroom basin as they only use it for the purpose of washing their hands.

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most common rooms of the home for blocked drains? You may be surprised to discover some of the common culprits. Read on to learn 3 common causes of bathroom basins becoming blocked causing water to pool in your basin including: 

  • Hair
  • Soap Scum
  • Damaged Pipes


One of the biggest causes of a blocked drain in a bathroom is hair. If styling your hair near your bathroom basin, strands of hair can fall into the basin and be washed down the drain. Over time, this hair accumulates and clumps together and as more strands are washed down the drain, the clump becomes larger and larger. The result, a blocked drain and water no longer freely flowing down your basin.

Soap Scum

Blocked Drain

Soap scum occurs when the chemicals in soaps react with chemical elements in water. A thick, sludge like residue forms. This can become sticky and get stuck in plumbing pipes. It is not only soap that can cause this residue to form but other products commonly used in the bathroom such as hair styling products, face creams and shaving gels and foams. 

Damaged Pipes

If despite using strainers, water is still pooling in your bathroom basin damaged pipes may be the cause. As plumbing pipes age, rust can form inside pipes and continue to build up. Once significantly damaged water may no longer be able to freely flow through them causing water to back up and pool in your basin.

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